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What is Feedback Army?

Simple, cheap usability testing for your website using the power of Mechanical Turk. Start a usability test for your website in two minutes. Submit questions about your website and receive 10, 25, or 50 responses starting at $20.

If you built your website then you know how everything works. You will not know how users see your site. Feedback Army will tell you which parts of your website frustrate or confuse users. Fixing these things will lead to either more sales or happier users.



Other Stuff?

Raphael Mudge, Founder

I used to work as a security researcher while serving in the US Air Force. I've always loved writing software and invented the Sleep programming language and the IRC client jIRCii. After leaving the Air Force I finished a Masters degree and started Feedback Army to help businesses get an idea of how people see them. I also sold my first startup, After the Deadline, an advanced grammar and spell checking tool to Automattic, the sponsors of WordPress. I'm now working on Armitage, a graphical user interface for Metasploit that allows red teams to collaborate.

More personal stuff on me is at my homepage.


Phone: 1-866-433-0717
E-Mail: rsmudge@gmail.com
Twitter: rsmudge